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We value working in partnership with other diverse organisations, recognising that together we can achieve more. Our partnerships range from formal affiliations and partnership agreements, to ongoing collaboration on specific projects. To find out more about working with us, please get in contact.

International Partnerships

We are an affiliated organisation of the International Union of Geological Sciences. The Union aims to promote development of the Earth sciences through the support of broad-based scientific studies relevant to the entire Earth system; to apply the results of these and other studies to preserving Earth's natural environment, using all natural resources wisely and improving the prosperity of nations and the quality of human life; and to strengthen public awareness of geology and advance geological education in the widest sense. Find out more: www.iugs.org/

We have a partnership agreement with the International Association for Promoting Geoethics, and are a signatory to the Cape Town Statement of Geoethics. Find out more: www.geoethics.org/

Local and Regional Geological Societies Scheme

Local and regional geological societies play an important role in furthering professional and public understanding of geoscience, and the role of geoscience in tackling global challenges. We are building links with local/regional societies, providing them with an opportunity to engage in our work and access to resources we develop.

We have a partnership agreement with the Liverpool Geological Society, established more than 150 years ago and composed overwhelmingly of ordinary people who have an interest in geology in all its many aspects. Find out more: www.liverpoolgeologicalsociety.org/