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Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee works alongside 
GfGD's Founder/Director (Joel Gill),  to lead the development and expansion of our work. Each member of the committee will oversee a particular brief, and contribute to overall leadership through committee meetings.

Secretary - Ellie Murtagh                                                                  
Contact Ellie (admin[at]gfgd.org)

Ellie Murtagh is an Irish/American, who has recently graduated with a degree in Geology and Physical Geography from the University of Edinburgh. Ellie's interest in international development stems from experiences volunteering as an activities coordinator in the National Paediatrics Hospital of Vietnam and working as a climate change science researcher in Tajikistan, as well as serving as the Secretary of the Edinburgh University International Development Society. Ellie is currently based in the UK Department of International Development.

Programme Officer (Himalayas) - Rosalie Tostevin                          
Contact Rosalie (rosalie[at]gfgd.org)

Rosalie is a PhD student at University College London (UCL). Her research ranges from modeling the sulphur cycle in the modern ocean to reconstructing seawater chemistry up to a billion years ago. Rosalie did her undergraduate Master’s degree at the University of Cambridge, where she worked on ‘timetruck’, the department’s outreach programme. She has also spent time working in industry, as part of BP’s North Africa exploration unit. 


Programme Officer (Geoscience Factsheets) - Donald John MacAllister 
Contact Donald John (publications[at]gfgd.org)

Donald John MacAllister has a BSc in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Water Management, specialising in Community Water and Sanitation, from Cranfield University. He has spent three years working as a hydrologist and water engineer, both in the UK and in the international development sector. Before returning to the UK he worked in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector in Bihar, India’s least developed state. During his time there he developed an interest in the sustainable management of groundwater and groundwater quality issues faced in rural water and sanitation projects and the nexus with health and social-economic development. He is currently pursuing a PhD at Imperial College London researching the use of a naturally occurring geoelectric phenomenon, known as spontaneous potential (SP), to monitor saline intrusion into freshwater aquifers. It is hoped that SP could be used to develop a practical technique for proactive management of groundwater abstractions in coastal areas. As part of the PhD programme he is working as a hydrogeologist with a large consultancy firm based in the UK.
Donald John continues to assist, in small ways, organisations in India working on WASH issues providing support as and when required and when the PhD allows. He is developing skills in hydrogeology, hydrogeophysics and water quality and upon completion of his PhD is keen to return to Asia or Africa to pursue his interest in hydrogeology within the WASH and international development sectors. Donald John has a particular affinity for the Indian sub-continent and its people having spent almost three years living and working there.

Programme Officer (University Group Resources) - Jane Robb                                 
Contact Jane (jane[at]gfgd.org)

Jane has a BSc (Hons) in Geology from the University of Edinburgh, an MRes in Heritage Science from The Bartlett at University College London (UCL) and will be starting a PhD in soil geochemistry at the UCL-Birkbeck Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences in October 2014. She is currently the Director (Policy and Research) of her own social enterprise in the UK, working with the UCL Academy to pilot the programme. 

Jane has several years of experience in science communication in science centres and museums, teaching and developing resources for formal and informal secondary education and has experience from UCL improving pedagogical approaches at higher education level. In 2013/14 Jane was the Educational Fellow at the European Geosciences Union where she developed several initiatives including ‘I’m a Geoscientist - Get me out of here!’ and a teacher training workshop in South Africa in collaboration with UNESCO.

Training and Development Officer - Siobhan Whadcoat                                 
Contact Siobhan (siobhan[at]gfgd.org)

Siobhan has a BSc (Hons) and MRes in Geography from Durham University. She spent time working on an NSF-funded research project at Syracuse University (USA) and is currently studying for a PhD at Durham. Her research has focused primarily on slope hazards in mountain environments throughout the UK, Switzerland and China, working within the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience at Durham. Siobhan’s interest in international development stems partly from this research and also from time spent living and working for development-focused charities in SE Asia.

Siobhan has experience working in education systems both in the UK and the USA, communicating science at all levels from primary through to higher education in formal and informal settings. In particular, Siobhan’s work as an ambassador for the Royal Geographical Society and more recently with the supported progression summer school program at Durham, has fuelled a passion to see the geosciences communicated more vibrantly and effectively.

Placements Officer - Helen Lacey                                 
Contact Helen (helen[at]gfgd.org)

Helen is currently an MSci student at University College London (UCL) studying Geophysical Sciences and Astrophysics. She will be starting a PhD at Imperial College London (ICL) in October 2014. Her main interest is in hazard prediction and mitigation, with current research focussing on hazard precursors. Her PhD will be looking at processes triggered by earthquakes. This academic year she has been volunteering with the Disasters Emergency Committee, helping to launch the Philippines Typhoon Appeal and reporting on the East Africa Drought Crisis. She has also spent time in industry, working on seismic imaging with CGG and the software on the Mars Rover.