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About Us

We are currently undergoing a strategy review. We will update the information on this site to reflect our new strategy soon after it is published.

Why We Exist

Geology for Global Development (GfGD) exists to mobilise and equip the geology 
community to prevent and relieve poverty, in all its forms, 

This is done through:
  1. Advancement of the education of the public in general, and particularly amongst geologists, in subjects relating to geology and sustainable development, in any part of the world. This will be done (in particular but not exclusively) by means of relevant communications, educational material, training courses, placement opportunities, and by promoting research in all aspects of that subject and publishing the useful results. [Read More]
  2. Prevention and relief of poverty, in any part of the world, by providing grants, equipment and services (in particular but not exclusively education and training in geology) to individuals in need, other charitable organisations, and/or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty. [Read More].
We believe communities around the world will benefit from a greater
understanding of geology and a geology community 
with the knowledge and skills required to make a positive contribution to development.

Geology for Global Development seeks to become a world-leading, and the ‘go-to’ organisation for providing advice and expertise on the effective integration of geology into international development projects.

How We Operate

Geology for Global Development (GfGD) is a registered charity, currently operated by a group of volunteers. We work through both local interest groups (currently limited to university 
chapters, with the view to expand these to other areas and themes) and national/international events

Key Principles

Sustainable Delivery: We are committed to working in a sustainable way, ensuring the results are long lasting, user-led and community-appropriate. We will also ensure that all aspects of our work involving strengthening the technical capacity of others. This will involve (i) responding to the needs of communities and using appropriate technology, (ii) stakeholder participation at all stages of the project, (iii) managed and careful use of natural resources.

Evidence Led: We are committed to using good, thorough & comprehensive science in our projects. We are a community of geologists, with a belief that geology, when understood and applied correctly can benefit society and aid economic and social development.

Excellence and Professionalism: We are committed to building an excellent reputation with academics, industry, development professionals and the communities we work with, demonstrating diligence, thoroughness and professionalism in all manners.


Geology for Global Development (GfGD) is a registered charity in England and Wales (Number 1165663). Our work is overseen by a group of unpaid trustees, who come from a range of backgrounds and share our commitment to preventing and relieving poverty. Our trustees are currently:
  • Joel Gill
  • Nic Bilham
  • Julia Hall
Our work is subject to the rules of our Governing Document (Constitution).