Annual Reports

GfGD Annual Report 2016
2016 Annual Report

Highlights include:
- Completion of formal charity registration.
- An update on our University Group activities.
- Publications, seminars, and conferences on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
- Supporting the launch of a Young Scientists Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction.
- Fundraising to support our resilience to volcanic hazards in Guatemala project.

2017 Annual Report

Highlights include:
- Launch of a new 5-year strategy, putting the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of our work.
- An update on our University Group activities.
- Our largest annual conference to date, exploring cities and sustainable development.
- Development of a geoscience textbook rehoming project.
- Agreeing a cooperation strategy with the International Association for Promoting Geoethics.

2018 Annual Report

Highlights include:
- Advocating for Earth science at the UN Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs.
- Joining as contributing authors to the 2nd International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development Practice Report
- Launching a new international project relating to water in Tanzania.
- An update on our University Group activities.
- Our 6th Annual Conference, on water and sustainable development, opened by a UK Government Minister.

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