Camborne School of Mines

Camborne School of Mines (CSM) is located within Cornwall, and is part of the University of Exeter. Founded in 1888, it is one of the most famous mining schools, combining scientific and engineering expertise in geology, mining and minerals processing. Find out more about this group and their activities on their Facebook page.

GfGD Ambassador - Hannah Ritchie

Hannah is a second year Geology Student studying with Camborne School of Mines in Cornwall. Hannah has a strong passion for geology and is especially interested in hydrogeology, the environmental implications of mining and natural disaster risk management. Since visiting Ghana in 2013, Hannah has had a keen interest for helping underdeveloped countries and reducing the poverty gap. She hopes that her work with GfGD and her geology degree will give her a greater insight into how she can help reduce poverty in her future career. She is very excited to be jointly taking on GfGD at CSM and looks forward to fundraising and raising awareness of the role of geology in poverty alleviation. 

GfGD Ambassador - Kate Radford

Kate is in her second year at Camborne School of Mines, Exeter University. She is studying Engineering Geology and Geotechnics and hopes that she can use this to bridge the gap between developing and developed countries by designing new infrastructure, in particular she hopes to branch out into tunnelling and excavation design. Kate hopes that geology will enable her to travel worldwide. Her recent travels to South Africa helped her to see how geology can aid global development by understanding Earth processes and resource management.