Charlotte Jackson is a 4th year undergraduate studying Geological Sciences, focussing on petrology and volcanology but with interests in structural geology and geophysics. She has been interested in natural hazards from a young age, in particular earthquake and volcanic hazards. She completed an extended project qualification looking at hazard mitigation in settlements in seismically active zones.

Charlotte is starting her research project looking at the peralkaline rhyolites from Aluto, Ethiopia. It is part of a wider NERC Large Grant, RiftVolc, to research past and present volcanic activity in the East African Rift. Part of the grant will be to produce volcanic hazard maps for selected volcanoes in Ethiopia, this is something Charlotte is particularly interested in having spent some time working on volcanic hazard maps in Edinburgh with Eliza Calder. She is looking forward to working with GfGD and encouraging other geologists to use their knowledge to promote sustainable global development.


Roberta is an undergraduate Geologist at the university of Cambridge. Going into her third year, Roberta is focusing on geophysics, climate and petrology. She enjoys field work and has just returned from her third year mapping project in the Prades mountains of Catalonia, Spain.

After work experience at Environmental Geology and Geotechnical Consultants Ltd. (based in her hometown of Manchester) and attending the International Association of Hydrogeologists’ 2015 Congress, she has developed a keen interest in hydrogeology and in particular the sustainable use of groundwater. Outside of geology, she has been involved with a project to design sustainable solutions to housing problems in impoverished urban communities in Latin America, and is currently leading a project to assess and compare the carbon footprints of Cambridge Colleges.

She is excited about raising awareness of issues surrounding global development and sustainability.