Durham University has an international reputation for excellence in geology. We are very much looking forward to working with students to promote their role and responsibility in supporting sustainable development. To find out more about their activities have a look at their Facebook page or register your interest in getting involved by emailing Tara Love (t.l.g.k.love@durham.ac.uk).

GfGD Ambassador – TARA LOVE (Representing GfGD on the Arthur Holmes Geological Society)

Tara is in her penultimate year of her Geology BSc at Durham University. She has a particular interest in isotope geochemistry, stratigraphy and palaeoclimates. Her dissertation is based in the Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory (SIBL, Durham) and is on the Nitrogen isotope stratigraphy across the Triassic/Jurassic Boundary. Tara particularly enjoys using a multidisciplinary approach to her work and is involved in Science Communication through articles and presentations.

Tara works in collaboration with the Arthur Holmes Geological Society (AHGS) and North Eastern Geological Society (NEGS) to encourage interest in geoscience, through lecture series and events.


Nurtasha is currently in her final year in BSc Geology at Durham University with a particular interest in structural geology and Earth’s climate system. She has just returned from NW Anglesey, Wales for her third year mapping dissertation project. Nurtasha has always been interested in the deep earth structure since she was young - sparked from watching National Geographic’s "Down to the Earth’s Core". 

As ambassador Nurtasha, hopes to inform young geoscientist that their degree can aid in sustainable development and also to increase awareness of how we have an impact on the earth. By organising events and talks to share with the general public the importance of learning about the Earth if we were to protect it and ourselves with the information of natural hazards.

GfGD Ambassador – ERIN SCOTT

Erin is a first year PhD student, specialising in tectonics and volcanology. Her project mainly concentrates on the Andean arc, South America, comparing the distribution, geochemistry and morphology of volcanoes between the high tectonic plateau of the Central Andes and the less elevated Southern Andes. After her doctorate, Erin hopes to continue on a career in academia or peruse her love for communicating popular science.

Erin hopes to help organise events for local schools and the wider public; encouraging engagement of the wider community in understanding the importance of the Earth, it’s processes, hazards and humanities impact.

GfGD Ambassador – CORA TAYLOR

Cora is a second year natural sciences student studying chemistry alongside earth sciences. She hopes to combine the two subjects in a geochemistry related third year dissertation. She is greatly enjoying the flexibility of the Durham course and loves the variety of modules available, especially the use of matlab to model earth processes.

As an ambassador she hopes to raise awareness of the work done by GfGD, not only in the geology department, but across the sciences. She is excited about the prospect of engaging both the public and fellow students through seminars and conferences on sustainable development.