The GfGD group based at the University of Leicester was set up in 2012, and forms part of the well-established PCSB Society. This group was initially established and built up by Laura Rose Wilson, a student in the Department of Geology, graduating in 2013. From 2013, David Cavell, also in the Department of Geology, will be taking over as GfGD Ambassador. For more information or to get involved in the work of GfGD in Leicester, please contact David.

GfGD Ambassador - DAVID CAVELL

David is a third year Geology undergraduate at the University of Leicester. 

A passionate student, during his course David has been part of several excursions outside of departmental fieldwork, including a trip to Cyprus and, more recently, working alongside the Geological Survey in the Solomon Islands alongside another Leicester student, Greg Smith, to aid in hazard assessment of Savo volcano. This work helped increase his understanding of the importance of fostering links between centres of earth science in the developing and developed world in a cooperative spirit and the necessity to pass on an understanding and enthusiasm for the subject to local people.

David is very enthusiastic about the aims and work of GfGD, and hopes that the organisation will help inspire a new generation of earth scientists to apply their skills in a way which facilitates development when operating in developing countries, and to expand their cultural horizons.

You can view his Placement Blog from the Solomon Islands here: http://www.gfgd.org/placements/placements-blog

GfGD Ambassador - WILL FOREMAN

Will Foreman is a second year geologist from Worcestershire. He really enjoys studying Geology at the University of Leicester and has particular interests in hydrogeology and palaeo-environments. His passion for Geology comes primarily from the travel involved with the subject and a general love of nature. Outside of Geology Will enjoys music and martial arts.

Will is very excited to be working with GfGD in the next few years and hopes that their projects can aid those in less developed countries while also working to protect the environment.