We are looking forward to working with staff and students at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at Plymouth University to develop an active GfGD University Group. Find out more about this group and their events on Facebook and Twitter.


Adelaide is a second year Geology Student at Plymouth. She loves the course and the majority of the content! With this in mind, hopefully in the future she will be able to pursue her goal of travelling to some of the more volcanically active places in the world as well as other places… preferably all with interesting geological sites! Adelaide loves being outside and outdoor pursuits such as sailing, abseiling, snowboarding, riding and climbing. It helps that a lot of these can be done in some very interesting places. She also loves reading, a good thing whilst doing a degree!

Adelaide says... "This opportunity that we have through GfGD is one that will enable us to communicate geology to others, to help them understand the risks their areas hold and to help mitigate the effects, communicating what we, as geologists know is an important part of what we do, and I hope that being with GfGD will help me achieve this!"