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2/08/2012 - Greg Smith and David Cavell (Solomon Islands)

posted 2 Aug 2012, 01:55 by Joel Gill   [ updated 6 Aug 2012, 01:43 ]
David writes... "Here are some photo's from our past few day's on the islands of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. The first photo is of a Greg at a waterfall on the Mbisi river, about two hours walk south of where we are staying in Kakambona. Some of the village children took us up river at the weekend, and the sights are pretty amazing (and the river cuts through the geology quite nicely). We will be returning that way this weekend to see more of Guadalcanal's interior and take our field notebooks this time.
The other two photos are of part of the village of Kakambona as seen from Leonard's house and Leonard's house itself. Leonard works closely with many visiting students on the Solomon Islands, helping to arrange accommodation and travel.

Just to give you a quick round up of events so far, we have been gathering our resources (food, water, maps, log sheets and other equipment - I fear we may have to take a kitchen sink!) for the trip out to Savo Island. We will be staying in Lemboni on the north east of the island in order to study the block and ash deposits of the Rembokola valley, and hazards posed to the villages in this region by future volcanic activity. The survey's boat will be returning from the Western Provinces next week, and once it does we will be off!"