Our Team

Geology for Global Development (GfGD) is a registered charity and currently has no paid members of staff. 
Day-to-day responsibility for the running of the charity is delegated to our Executive Director, working alongside a wider leadership team.
  • Dr Joel Gill (Executive Director)Joel has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of Geology for Global Development, overseeing the implementation of our strategy and day-to-day operations. Core responsibilities include: external relations, internal team development, financial management, project development, and communications.
  • Emily White (Assistant Director - University Groups). Emily has responsibility for the management and development of our network of University Groups, acting as the link between these groups and the Geology for Global Development leadership (Executive and Trustees). Core responsibilities include: external relations (universities), supporting Geology for Global Development Ambassadors, resourcing groups, and communicating their work to a wider audience.  
  • Dr Laura Roberts-Artal (Assistant Director - Communications). Laura has responsibility for the development and management of our diverse portfolio of communications, ensuring our vision, activities and impact are clearly communicated to existing and new stakeholders.  
A Board of Trustees has been appointed to oversee and guide our work, facilitating the organisation to operate in an effective and accountable manner.
  • Dr Joel Gill (International Development Geoscientist, British Geological Survey, Keyworth, UK). Joel recently completed a PhD on characterising interacting natural hazards within the Environmental Dynamics Research Group at King’s College London. In November 2016, he joined the British Geological Survey (BGS), contributing to their official development assistance work. Joel founded Geology for Global Development in 2011 and continues to coordinate its work on the Executive team.
  • Nic Bilham (Director of Policy and Communications, Geological Society of London, London, UK). Nic has worked at the Geological Society for 20 years, and now leads delivery of its policy, education, media and wider communications activities. He also works with the Society’s Council and senior staff to coordinate strategic planning and reporting. Nic is the European Continental Coordinator for the International Association for Promoting Geoethics.
  • Julia Hall (Account Executive, Risk Management Solutions, Zurich, Switzerland). Julia is an Account Executive at RMS where she advises on the use of catastrophe modelling techniques and solutions. Based in Zurich, she has worked with many global (re)insurance companies and public and academic partners on disaster risk management.
We are also supported by a team of 'project support volunteers' helping to deliver key areas of our strategy.