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Previous Events

GfGD Annual Conference 2014: 
The 2nd GfGD Annual Conference took place on Friday 19th September 2014, at the Geological Society of London. Following the huge success of our first annual conference in October 2013, this one-day event gathered students and recent graduates from around the UK to (i) learn more about the crucial role that geologists play in international development, (ii) consider the practical skills required to make an effective long-term contribution, and (iii) hear more about our work, as well as the latest ways you can get involved in the fight against global poverty. Speakers were drawn from NGOs (CAFOD and WaterAid), academia, the British Geological Survey and The Geological Society. Read more about this event and download relevant resources here.

GfGD Annual Conference 2013: 
In October 2013 we hosted our first National Conference, hosted by the Geological Society and attended by over 130 people - from across the UK, with some coming from Ireland and continental Europe also. This one-day event brought geology students and recent graduates, with an interest in international development, together with a series of professionals from across the sector. The conference explored the theme of how geologists can contribute to the fight against global poverty, giving a ‘big picture’ overview of the opportunities available and the ways in which geological knowledge can support and enhance sustainable international development. 
Read more about this event and download relevant resources here.